Breathtaking 3-piece Off-white Dhanak Mareena Dress


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Embrace the winter’s grace in style with our breathtaking 3-piece Off-white Dhanak Mareena Dress. This exquisite ensemble showcases a beautifully crafted Off-white Mareena Dress in three pieces, made meticulously from the finest Dhanak Mareena Fabric.

Featuring an intricate pattern blending a subtle off-white shade with a striking maroon hue, this dress effortlessly captivates the eye.

The neckline is expertly stitched in a delicate design that harmonizes flawlessly with the Off-white Mareena, while the sleeves boast an elegant pattern, adding to the ensemble’s irresistible charm.

Seize the opportunity to enhance your winter wardrobe—secure your 3-piece Off-white Dhanak Mareena Dress today!

To complete this sophisticated attire, we offer a stunning Maroon Chiffon Dupatta adorned with minimalist lace detailing. Moreover, complementing the ensemble, you’ll receive comfortable Off-white Mareena Plazo pants that perfectly match the dress.


Shirt Length: 42 / Customizable

Color: Off-white with Maroon

Fabric: Dhanak Mareena with Chiffon Dupatta


Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small





Clothing Style

Casual, Formal, Party Wear


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