Truly Elegant 1-piece Mehndi Green Velvet Kaftan


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Embrace the winter season with elegance by donning our exquisite 1-piece Mehndi Green Velvet Kaftan. This captivating article boasts an elegant kaftan meticulously crafted from the finest Velvet Fabric, showcasing an intricate pattern and a mesmerizing green hue that delights the eye.

The neckline is adorned with beautifully hand-worked threads that perfectly complement the rich green velvet. Elevate your winter wardrobe by seizing this opportunity to order your 1-piece Mehndi Green Velvet Kaftan today!

For a complete look, we offer optional Raw Silk or Velvet Trousers that ensure both comfort and style. Step out confidently, assured that you’ll catch everyone’s attention wherever you go.


Additional charges:

Raw Silk Trouser: PKR 999.00

Velvet Trouser: PKR 1499.00


Shirt Length: 42 / Customizable

Color: Mehndi Green Green

Fabric: VelvetĀ 


Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small




Mehndi Green

Clothing Style

Casual, Formal, Party Wear


Hayas Creation


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